Ask Your Representative to DEFUND PLANNED PARENTHOOD!!!

We have all been disgusted by the recent reports of the atrocities conducted by Planned Parenthood upon the most innocent of all humans. We have been silent for much too long, abortion should never have been allowed to be legal in our country and we have to make sure it ends NOW! Please contract your Senator and Congressman and let them know that they will be held accountable if they do not do EVERYTHING in their power to defund Planned Parenthood NOW!

Here is a form letter that you may copy and paste as you contact your representatives. Our message must be firm, clear and united!
Follow these links to find the contact list for all Senators and Congressmen.

Dear Senator ________ (or Congressman ____________),

I am writing to you regarding Planned Parenthood. When Congress returns to Washington D.C. this fall, it is imperative that they defund this organization at the very next opportunity. Americans will no longer put up with our hard-earned money being used to fund abortions, an act that I find morally reprehensible. It is NOT the proper role of government to fund the killing of innocent, unborn babies, even when conveniently labeled as “women’s health care”. In light of the recent videos released by the Center for Medical Progress, I find it especially outrageous for our government to fund an organization that sells dissected fetal tissue. How can such a morbid and evil practice exist in a God-fearing nation – and be funded with taxpayer money?
Funding of Planned Parenthood must end, and it must end immediately. I believe life is precious and must be treated as such. I will expect to see you take a leading role on this issue when you return to Congress in September.