Family Lights the World Family Night Lesson


This year marks the 20th Anniversary of the inspired document The Family: A Proclamation to the World. By no coincidence, the World Congress of Families will be holding their annual conference on U.S. soil for the very first time since the Congress was formed in 1997—and, not just U.S. soil, but Utah! The Congress will be held from Oct. 27-30 and will include speakers like Elder M. Russell Ballard and Sheri Dew.

Families around the globe cannot all attend the World Congress of Family events, but they CAN join with Gathering Families on Oct. 26th at 7:30pm MST (America) for the Family Lights the World event and show support for the blessings that the natural family brings to society.

The Family Lights the World Event presents a remarkable opportunity for families everywhere, who have a testimony of the Family Proclamation, to make that testimony known. We are grateful for the great work of the World Congress of Families. We look forward to joining with families all over the world to shine our lights into the sky as we celebrate The Family on Oct. 26th!

Click this Link for the Family Lights the World Family Night Lesson guideline: FamilyHomeEve—FLW