Family Time is Sacred Time


Family Time is Sacred Time is an obvious statement that we all know to be true. But are we really making family time happen? Most families I know are busy with work, school, sports, dance lessons, church callings, etc. and we spend very little time as a family. Perhaps we feel that our busy schedules are normal and that everyone is running short on family time, or we are waiting for football season to end, or the recital to be over before we can spend REAL time as a family.

These are the thoughts that I have always had. My family time consisted of a rushed morning scripture study over a bowl of cereal, and a quick Sunday dinner between meetings. With a big, busy family we never had much time to be together, let alone make it a sacred time. But something changed about a year ago. My children were starting to leave on missions and leaving home to pursue their education and I experienced major panic! All of the time that I had to enjoy having my whole family under my roof was suddenly gone. And what did I have to show for it? I had allowed other people to educate my children, influence their lives and spend quality time with my individual children while I was busy shuttling them around like a crazy person. I had come to the realization that I had outsourced my job as mother!

What a terrible realization! This was precious time I was never going to get back! I may have lived a good life where I avoided doing any major sinning, but with this realization I found myself on my knees repenting with all sincerity for not taking my role of parent seriously and letting this opportunity of growth pass me by. Through this repentance process, I have found that the Lord is extraordinarily merciful! As I turned my heart to Him and took scissors to my list of activities, I have found the ability to make more time for our family…… and as it turns out…..I’m a better mother than I thought I was!