Even the Smallest Family Member can Light the World


I hope everyone has felt the pure joy that comes from holding a newborn baby. There is no other feeling that can match the pure love and joy that radiates from such a tiny human! It is interesting that we feel this way…. after all, a newborn baby is a lot of work…..They demand constant care, they deprive us of sleep, they are messy and noisy and they are hard to communicate with. They are so helpless that there is literally nothing that a tiny infant can give another human….or is there?

I remember when my first born child smiled at my husband and me. I melted! This awkward, toothless grin made every fiber of my being rejoice! My husband and I then spent every waking moment making silly faces and acting like total fools just for the chance of another smile! How could a simple smile bring so much light to our world?

As our family became larger, our older children welcomed each new sibling into the family with the most tender love and devotion. A new baby can even soften the heart of the most rambunctious two-year-old and the most stubborn pre-teen. Who could imagine that this new arrival would command such attention and respect and immediately rule the home? I can remember a big sister telling her neighborhood friends that they were no longer allowed to ring the doorbell so that her little sister could sleep. I also remember another sibling chastising the pediatrician for making her baby cry. Having a baby in our home enlightened the soul of each sibling and stirred feelings of care and protection.

Now that our family is older and grandchildren are still far in the future, I miss the light that a newborn can bring. I am grateful to have had the experience of basking in the radiance of a tiny baby….it’s one of the greatest honors that Heavenly Father has given me.