Building a Better Family…..Today!


Perhaps the full importance of a family has been lost through the generations of mortal life. No one truly remembers how the family was established and what laws govern this fundamental unit of society. If we could remember, we would probably leave behind the enticing societal pulls and return, whole-heartedly, to the full devotion of family.

Our lives are filled with loved ones who have abandoned family at various levels. Many have lost hope in finding happiness within a familial setting. They pick and choose what they like out of the family menu..some take children, but not marriage; others pick marriage, but choose not to accept children; some even have children, but may unfortunately find themselves only able to hold their children every-other weekend and a few months during the summer. The menu combinations are endless with new menu items appearing daily. Each individual who orders a piece-meal choice on this menu takes on the name of “family”, but is this possible? Can you enjoy a nibble here and there at a Thanksgiving dinner and call it a full feast? Obviously not, but many are missing out on a whole family either by choice or unfortunate circumstances.

I have been pondering on the what the full description of family could be over the past year. I’ve always been a fierce defender of the family, but as I consciously pondered and researched the subject, I found that even the most whole, modern families are falling short on the complete blessings and power that a family can generate. I know that each family and circumstance is different from the next and that finding a perfect way for all may not be as easy as choosing from a set menu. It is only through personal study, reflection, and prayer that we can each find the power and blessing that are in store for our family. Now is the time for mothers and fathers to be more intentional in their role as family leaders. We must seriously seek for something better instead of drifting off to the modern definitions of family or blindly doing what other families have chosen to do. As our individual families hold our ground and seek to regain what we have lost, and as we seek to know the will of God concerning our own family, we will create a firmer foundation for the generations to build upon….and perhaps that is what a family is truly all about.

Build a better family foundation for tomorrow….but start today!