Light our Individual Candles

“Men’s and nations’ finest hour consist of those moments when extraordinary challenge is met by extraordinary response. Hence in those darkest hours, we must light our individual candles rather than vying with others to call attention to the enveloping darkness. Our indignation about injustice should lead to illumination, for if it does not, we are only adding to the despair – and the moment of gravest danger is when there is so little light that the darkness seems normal!”
– Neal A. Maxwell

The “Family Lights the World” event is fast approaching! I cannot tell you have excited I am to participate in this monumental event! It has been difficult to keep hope in my heart as I have watched recent current events unfold. It truly feels like we are living in the darkest hours.

My natural reaction to these terrible events would be to yell and scream to the world and warn them they are going down the wrong path, and to be honest, I wouldn’t mind strangling a few necks until they submit to my logic….I wouldn’t do that….but I might entertain the idea for a minute or two. But if we look throughout history, this path has seldom worked. History shows that those who bring light to the world are the most effective.

But how can we bring light to this ever darkening world? I believe it has to start with the family. Imagine the light that exists in your home. Siblings laughing together, parents teaching patience and love, the beauty of the music, art and conversation that resonates through our hallways. The family is an endless source of light that is able to influence the whole world for the better!

It is time for families to “light our individual candles” and show the world a better path! We need to spend more time together and be more intentional in our efforts to strengthen our family.

“Family Lights the World” provides a synchronized time for ALL FAMILIES to share their lights! Please help spread the word to your family and friends about this opportunity to be part of such a monumental event! NOW IS THE TIME TO LIGHT THE WORLD!!!!!