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“I get to attend the 9th World Congress of Families. It has never been held in the U.S., and it will be in Salt Lake City October 27-30.
The night before the event starts – October 26 – another group that supports families is having a supporting event called “Family Lights the World”.

I wanted to invite you to support this event, even if you can’t do it as a part of your nuclear family. It’s not hard. All you have to do is Monday night – October 26 – @ 7:30 p.m. – go outside with a flashlight, a candle, a lamp, anything – and shine it up into the night sky.

It’s a show of support of families – and I think it’s deeply symbolic that at exactly the same time, families will be doing this in cities all over the world.
I hope you have a moment to feel what it has meant to you to be a part of the family you belong to. It launched you into this world. On that night, I hope you feel gratitude for that brief space of eternity where you got to be together, and that it mattered.

There is no set time limit. Just at 7:30 p.m., your time, send up a light for your little family – remember, and feel glad – glad that we’re all doing it together. The link on the poster, below, has suggestions for Family Home Evening activities to prepare children to have a memory-making experience participating in this event.

I owe my sure knowledge of the reality of Jesus Christ and His cleansing, healing, enabling Atonement – to the fact that I became a mother. Besides joining His church, becoming a wife and mother was the best and most important decision that I have made.
The Savior came to change the world one individual heart at a time. The darkness that we sometimes feel encroaching in this world can only be overcome in our little individual spheres of influence. Our light only extends so far, but everyone’s individual light – combined – can change the world by chasing the darkness away.

I love the image in the Harry Potter 6 film after Dumbledore dies. Everyone is so devastated at his loss, and their faltering hope shows in every face. Then, Professor McGonagall thrusts her wand into the dark sky and illuminates it. All the Hogwarts teachers and students see her, and join her. It is a powerful visual image to me of what the planners of this event have in mind.

I hope you will join me @ 7:30 next Monday night – and invite everyone in your own families to join us as well – please feel free to spread the word. The changes we hope for in this world will not come from a large organizations or law makers. It will come from our homes. I hope, as you shine your light into the sky, you will take a moment to feel gratitude that your life started in a family – and that the place where it ultimately has the most meaning is within that context – most especially – the human family, as a beloved son or daughter of the Creator.” -Laureen Simper (United Women’s Forum)