Even The Tiniest Lights Shine

It wasn’t too long ago that I read of a young mother who, at the time, couldn’t help but feel overwhelmed by some of the darker circumstances surrounding her life. She was unbelievably strong and faithful but, like most young mothers, she had moments where she felt spread too thin and incapable of providing the strength and support each of her beloved friends and family needed from her. It was during one such time that she turned her concerns to prayer. Her answer came immediately in the form of an image: a single birthday candle lit at the end of a large, darkened and windowless hall. She was overcome by how that tiny, seemingly insignificant, candle was able to completely overpower and replace the heavy darkness.

Of her experience, she explained, “That was my answer! The quantity of darkness surrounding us in the world simply does not matter. Light is eternal and is vastly more powerful than darkness (see 2 Corinthians 4:6; Mosiah 16:9; D&C 14:9). If we remain worthy of the constant companionship of the Holy Spirit, our souls can reflect sufficient light to displace any amount of darkness, and others will be drawn to that light within us.” (Susan Wyman, “Our Light in Darkness” Ensign Feb 2014)

The significance of her experience struck me. We are certainly living during times when it seems the darkness surrounding us is insurmountable. Darkness is trying harder than ever to snuff out the light brought to us through God, Christ, religion, prayers, faith, morality and even family. Now, more than ever, we need to let our lights shine. We need to illuminate the world with exactly the things of God, Christ, religion, prayers, faith, morality and family! When doing so, others will be drawn to the brightness and glory that such things bring!

Next week, our family is participating in the “Family Lights the World” event. We, like this young mother, know that protecting and shining our own lights is the only way to combat and overcome any looming darkness. Our small, seemingly insignificant, family of five will be celebrating the joy and light that families bring to the world as a way of expressing our gratitude for the gift of eternal families. We know that families are of God and it’s our hope that our lights can be a reflection of His goodness. “For God, who commanded the light to shine out of darkness, hath shined in our hearts” and, through Him, our family can be a beacon unto the world of His goodness and love.

By: Shelby Rodgers