Prayers for America: What Can I Do!? Even ONE makes a difference!

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Make a difference in your community by encouraging your neighbors to participate in the Prayers For America campaign!

Independence Day and Pioneer Day are quickly approaching which presents a perfect community outreach opportunity. These ideas take a quick phone call, email or comment or at the most a few hours of time.

1- Make a quick phone call. Ask the Mayor or Organization running your fireworks this year if there will be a prayer or moment of silence for prayer at your firework shows, breakfasts etc. If not, will there at least be a pledge or anthem?

2- Is there a local parade that we can enter with a banner for “Pray for America” or pass out flier along the route inviting people to join us?

3- What about hosting a neighborhood or family Potluck BBQ that we include patriotism, patriotic or uplifting music and join in prayer?

4- What is the American Legion doing for activities that we can join or help with? Did you know that in ID they have a Government Boys State Camp they select a few individuals to sponsor to attend and learn about the constitution and government?

5- What other churches or organizations are hosting events? Contact them and ask them to join others in having their congregations “Pray for America”.

6- What about our ward and Stake Events? Invite your church organizations to take an activity in June or July for Prayers for America theme? Can we have a backdrop to “Pray For America” that people can take pics and post?

7- Remind our congregations to “Pray for America”. Follow the spirit if it asks us bear testimonies of our country, BofM examples of prayer and extend an invitation.

8- Invite a refugee to speak on freedom.

9- Temporarily change your social media profile pic to one of the “Prayers for America” memes.

10- Talented folks can participate in singing prayerful patriotic songs and introduce it and extend invitation as a “Prayer for America”. Just think of God Bless the USA!!!

11- Balloon Releases with Please join us in “Pray for America”?

12- Share your pictures in of your family or these activities on social media. Use #PrayersForAmerica and #GatheringFamilies.

One thought on “Prayers for America: What Can I Do!? Even ONE makes a difference!

  1. I attended girls’ state in Idaho. I think every state has something similar sponsored by the American Legion. At girls’ state all our devotionals included prayers for our nation and leaders. My oldest son attended a summer program at Valley Forge. What a great opportunity to learn about patriotism! My middle child attended a leadership camp put on by the Utah National Guard, another great opportunity to learn about our great country. I feel so grateful that we have been so privileged with these opportunities!

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