Action Item for Parents


The Utah State School Board is currently discussing a change in Utah’s Public School Health Standards. The standards that will be discussed include mental health, drug abuse, suicide, bullying, and misuse of social media. Utah parents reach out to board members to ask them to involve parents in the creation of these standards to that curriculum such as Comprehensive Sexuality Education is not included.

In Utah, Parents are considered only one of many “stakeholders” in the education of our children and because we don’t control the money, we have been given very little say in matters involving the state school board. Also, board rules and protocol are not as standardized as the Senate and House. This creates confusion that is commonly used to keep parents in the dark.

Parents can return to their place as the only stakeholders in the education of their children, but they need to take action now.

1- Please contact the state board members and tell them to not vote on this proposal until parents have an opportunity to share their concerns.

2-Please contact your Legislators and request that they intervene on behalf of the parents.

3- Please let other parents know what is happening.

Take a moment to watch this video that explains Comprehensive Sexuality Education and share it with your neighbors. WARNING! Not appropriate for children!