Family: The True Future of our Nation

With the election happening in the next few days, I want to pull away from talking about one politician or another and their vision for the future of our country. Instead, I want to talk about families, for the family is the true future of our nation.

The family is the true future of our nation.

A long time ago, my father was very ill and was confined to a hospital bed. This confinement had come after many months of struggling with health problems that had brought him from a strong man, able to conquer anything, down to a man of physical weakness.

As would any man in his situation, his physical weakness caused him to think about what is really important in life. He discovered that it wasn’t the money that he made, it wasn’t the home he had paid off, it wasn’t the car he drove or the respect from or his stature in society. No, it wasn’t any of those things. It was something much more important, much more personal, something that he loved and appreciated more than all of those things combined. As my father lay there in that hospital bed watching an episode of “Oprah”, of all things, he turned the television off and stared up to the ceiling reflectively reviewing his life.


I am sure, as each of us will someday, he thought of the choices he had made and the things that he had achieved and he discovered that the greatest choice he had made was getting married and that his greatest achievement was his family. Nothing else that he had spent his entire life working to achieve really matter anymore. He, at a very advanced age, had finally realized that the only thing that really mattered to him was his family.

Family is all that really matters! Have all of us realized that yet? It is the answer to the question that each of us has to ask ourselves at some point in our lives. Do you already know it? Are you realizing it now? Or, are you going to wait until you are at a very advanced age while lying in a hospital bed? Don’t get me wrong, it isn’t a matter of when you realize it, it only matters that you do realize it.

Do you know who does realize it? Satan.

Before we came to this earth, our Father in Heaven organized us into families from the very beginning. He understood that we would need our families to give us strength, to educate us, to give us values and beliefs. He knew that we would need the love and support that only a family can provide when things got tough. A Mother and a Father that can help us understand our place in this world and give us the insight that only a Mother or a Father can give us. Our Heavenly Father felt so strongly about families that he established temples upon the earth to seal us into eternal families. This enables our ancestors to help us as we struggle through the trials of this earthly existence.

Satan knows that the one, sure way that he can destroy us individually, as a family and as a nation, is to destroy the family. How does he do this? Can we even count all of the ways that he does? There are the obvious answers such as finances, infidelity, addiction, physical and sexual abuse, and last but not least, selfishness. He also strives to destroy the family through public policy, organizations with family-friendly names but with destructive intentions and through laws. None of this has happened overnight, for Satan is a very patient enemy. This deadly cancer that he propagates has been growing over the course of decades. Now, it has fully infested every organ and limb of our family’s body.

Today, we see the destructive forces very clearly and they are literally knocking on our doors with battering rams. It’s like a ship in the distance that looks no bigger than the tip of a pin. It takes a while for that ship to catch up with us, but as it does, it becomes bigger and bigger and more ominous looking. We are now at the point where that ship is right behind us and it is massive and it is ugly and it isn’t looking to pass us by; it is coming to crush our tiny, little life rafts we call “our family”.

We are now at the point where that ship is right behind us and it is massive and it is ugly and it isn’t looking to pass us by; it is coming to crush our tiny, little life rafts we call “our family”.

This massive ship is armed with all sorts of weapons; legislation, media (music, books and movies), educational ideas, and many other destructive weapons; I’ll leave it to you to finish the list. All of them are presented to us disguised as a beautiful cake that is iced with laws, ideas and morals that look innocent on the top, but that are actually filled with poison and destruction inside.

Mothers, Father, Children, BEWARE! Most people do not have your best interest at heart. They are not interested in protecting your family. Especially those of our legislators that are more interested in listening to the voices of the special interest groups that lobby them rather than the constituency they represent.

I encourage all of my friends and family, as you go to vote this Tuesday, do not go alone. What I mean by that is that as you enter that voting booth, go in with a prayer in your heart. Please ask for your Heavenly Father, the Father of all living, to influence your vote.

Our families…. NO!… our nation is depending on it!

By: Blake Baker

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