A Day Without Dividends

After looking at my do-to list this morning, I seriously considered joining the national women’s strike, “A Day Without Women”. I could use the day off… and let’s face it, I’ve fantasized more than once how it would be if I truly stayed in bed all day. So, why not join with the other women in our country and let my family see what it would be like without THIS woman???

There’s only one problem…. I am a mom. I don’t work with corporate bosses, excel sheets, project reports and paid sick leave. I answer to a much higher authority…..the future of humankind!

Mothers who nurture children literally shape the future. This is not hyperbole. It’s absolutely true…. and we all know it! Why do you think there are so many special interest groups and investors who are willing to spend the big bucks to get a say in your child’s education? They KNOW the future is in your children and they want a say in how they are raised and taught.

Powerful moms also know how important it is to invest in the future by investing in their children. They know that each hug, story, lesson, curfew, assigned chore, conversation, object lesson, etc. will play a part in creating the kind of generation that will follow us. This investment isn’t to be taken lightly. Intentional mothers seriously seek guidance and direction from God to know what to give each, individual child. Unlike the greedy special interest groups that lobby congress for a piece of your child’s future, mothers are carefully attentive to every physical and emotional change in their children. Mothers gladly sacrifice to give each, individual child the care they need.

The investment that mothers make in their children does not always provide immediate dividends. Some days it seems like they have taken a huge loss…. not the kind of downturn that hurts the pocket book, but the kind of loss that hurts your heart and brings you to your knees. You know those days…. we ALL know those days. Mothers feel absolutely helpless as we watch our children that we are so invested in go through trials, sickness, or setbacks. It is times like these that a mom realizes that SHE is the one who is truly growing…… And all that she invests in her child is also an investment in herself.

And all that a mother invests in her child is also an investment in herself.

When we invest in these young ones, we find ourselves becoming better. We learn patience, love, kindness, math, science, budgeting, organizing, etc. Everything our child learns, we learn…only on a deeper level because we are learning through our child’s eyes. There is no college class or seminar that can teach this kind of wisdom. It has to be gained organically. This kind of learning never ends and can only be had through the intentional act of parenting! A mother will continue to learn through her child throughout her lifetime. Name one other career that gives that kind of dividend!

If you want true cradle-to-grave learning, become a mom. Just remember that the more intentional you are in your investment, the greater the dividends…. Then, years from now, your investments will have compounded and multiplied to include grandchildren and great-grandchildren. Each subsequent generation learns, as you have learned, the eternal importance of investing in the future by investing in their children.

However, if you find that you can miss out on a day without pay in order to let the world know how important your influence is on our current economy…go for it. As for me, I KNOW how truly influential my job is….. and I don’t want to miss a moment of it!

By Jenny Baker