The Great Human Quest


“In addition to carefully teaching what is right, we must also clearly explain how the opposite of that teaching is wrong and why it is wrong. Then and only then, can we be confident the individual being instructed has enough information to make an effective choice based on his or her agency.” (page 57-58)

This statement is found in the book Teach the Children by Neil Flinders. In this intriguing book, Dr. Flinders presents a model for an agency approach to education. While this statement has given me a lot to ponder about how I teach religion and moral values to my children, I wondered if we could apply this principle to education itself. Is it possible to demonstrate a correct model for education and place it side by side with false educational philosophy and show why it is wrong?

The following packet of information is an attempt to do just that. The pages in this pdf file provide a side-by-side comparison of educational philosophy of the believers and non-believers for three different time periods:

• The Beginning of Mankind (from Adam to Noah)
• A Chosen Family (from Noah to Malachi)
• A Nation Divided (from Lehi to Alma)

A summary page is also provided in an image of two trees. After considering the fruits to the different educational philosophies, you may choose for yourself the type of education you want for your family. The last page in this packet provides a brief summary of the characteristics of Jesus Christ as a teacher. He is the great exemplar for effective teaching and as we seek to become like Him, we will improve our effectiveness as an educator.

Find the information packet here: Education Comparison – The Great Human Quest

-By Tammy Hulse
(Hearthstone Plan)