Words of Eternal Life

IMG_2496 Words are important. They are powerful. As mothers, we know this, right? I don’t need to *insert cute explanation here* because we live with words every day. We feel their power, their truth, and their meaning. But what if you were to wake up one day to find that all of the words you were using suddenly had a different definition? This would be a “Tower of Babel” effect where everyone around you would be speaking the same language, but no one would understand each other.

The thought of this makes me shudder!

The chaos would be bad enough, but the loss of power would be the worst. There would be no warning of danger, no asking for help, and no way to communicate with those we love most.

We have all seen the definitions of words slip away from their original meanings throughout the years. Sometimes it is easy to pass this off as a natural evolution of words. But what do we know about the importance of holding on to the correct definitions of words?

Let’s look to the Book of Mormon……

1 Nephi 15:23 And they said unto me: What meaneth the rod of iron which our father saw, that led to the tree?
24 And I said unto them that it was the word of God; and whoso would hearken unto the word of God, and would hold fast unto it, they would never perish; neither could the temptations and the fiery darts of the adversary overpower them unto blindness, to lead them away to destruction.
25 Wherefore, I, Nephi, did exhort them to give heed unto the word of the Lord; yea, I did exhort them with all the energies of my soul, and with all the faculty which I possessed, that they would give heed to the word of God and remember to keep his commandments always in all things.

Of all the things that we could hold to in order to reach the tree of life, we have been given the symbol of a “rod of iron” that represents “the word of God”. We are told to “hold fast to it” and we are promised that if we do, we “would never perish” and “the fiery darts of the adversary” would not “lead (us) away to destruction”.

Art by J. Kirk Richards

Art by J. Kirk Richards

What does it mean to hold fast to the word of God? Does it simply mean to read our scriptures? Seek revelation? Go to church? Or are we being warned to also understand how God defines His words?

Can someone truly cling to the Rod of Iron while adhering to the most current definitions of marriage, gender, education, faith, healing, etc.? Will God change His definitions to align with the latest Urban Dictionary entry?

A. Bilheran is a French researcher and etymologist. In this video, she talks about the importance of understanding the definitions of the words that are used. She explains how those who seek to gain power will redefine words to gain control. Listen to how she explains what is happening within our educational systems. She also discusses the importance of looking at original documents to understand the original definitions.

The trend in our world is moving away from looking at our original document (our DNA, or our physical body) to see what gender we are…. so instead of understanding that gender refers to how we “give birth, or beget”, the world redefines it as what we feel and desire.

genə-, also *gen-, Proto-Indo-European root meaning “give birth, beget,” with derivatives referring to procreation and familial and tribal groups.

Well-meaning politicians are coming out of the woodwork with grand plans to teach modern sexuality. They hope to avoid problems such as teenage pregnancy, disease, and suicide. Some have plans to use parents as the teachers while others look to institutions for sexuality instruction. PLEASE UNDERSTAND….. no matter how sincere the intentions, if these curriculums do not teach the original definitions of words, they will not bless the lives of the students or their future families…. and they WILL NOT lead to eternal life.

A. Bilheran rejects the corrupted definition of “gender” and replaces it with the term, “sexual career” to define how individuals choose to use their bodies throughout their life.

As proposed sexuality curriculums are adopted into our various education systems,we will see corrupted definitions infiltrate every home……. thus leading our hearts and minds away from truth.

Remember, if you lead children and parents away from truth, you lead then away from liberty.

If you lead children and parents away from liberty, you lead them away from their power.

When we convince our children that they can choose whatever “sexual career” they want, with no consequences… we teach them that the only power they have is the power to decide how they want to spend their time in this earthly life.

Parents should be intent on teaching that blessings of power, knowledge, love and understanding can be learned ONLY as we use our gender (original definition) to marry, procreate, care for family, and connect our family to the endless generations that have come before us and will continue on after us.

Which option has the truth? Which option gives life? Which option gives liberty? Which option contains true power? Which option is “desirable above all other fruit” and will lead to eternal life?

Art by J. Kirk Richards

Art by J. Kirk Richards

1 Nephi 8:12- And as I partook of the fruit thereof it filled my soul with exceedingly great joy; wherefore, I began to be desirous that my family should partake of it also; for I knew that it was desirable above all other fruit.

Let us not only hold to the Rod of Iron (The Word of God), but let us avoid Babel-like chaos by understanding the true definitions of these words so our children will not be deceived.

D&C 85:43 And I now give unto you a commandment to beware concerning yourselves, to give diligent heed to the words of eternal life.

44 For you shall live by every word that proceedeth forth from the mouth of God.

45 For the word of the Lord is truth, and whatsoever is truth is light, and whatsoever is light is Spirit, even the Spirit of Jesus Christ.

by Jenny Baker

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