Intentional Parenting

We can’t completely fix the world or even our own communities, but we can choose to be Intentional Parents and raise our children with the long range goal of their becoming Intentional Parents themselves to continue the cycle another generation. Nothing else should matter as much. This world depends on these good families willing to make the most of their parenting.

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Raising Intentional Parents is a new book, written by Jennifer Jensen. Jennifer has compiled personal experiences from the staff at The power of parenting can’t be learned in a class, blog, or even a book: It is best learned in the home! Jennifer has gathered the examples of friends to share how they moved forward in faith and obtained the personal direction needed to help their children become Intentional Parents.

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A Meeting With The Principle

catalog-8.5inx11in-v-pb This story began 8 years ago when my six-year-old daughter was having fit-screaming meltdowns when I dropped her off at school. She would cry uncontrollably as I left her flailing in the arms of her first-grade teacher. She was a peaceful, happy child at home; but her anxiety at school was causing me great uneasiness. This personal struggle brought me to my knees, led me to prayer, and then to a dusty old book on my shelf. Maybe education deserved a second look. Maybe God did in fact have an opinion about the way his children should be educated.

I was ready to find out.

Since that time I have been uncovering forgotten truths about the importance of a divine education. I also discovered that my great-great-great grandfather was at the forefront of education during the early days of the LDS church. He was passionate about a “Godly” education and he was not afraid to speak his mind about it!
I can’t help but feel that my great-great-great grandfather is ready for his voice to be heard . . . one last time. And now I have the opportunity to finish what he started.

He believed children should receive an education that honored God and honored him supremely! An education worthy to usher in the Millennium.

“A Meeting with the Principle” provides the answers we need to educate our children and prepare them for the Savior’s return.

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